Web3 games have been touted as the next big thing in the gaming industry, promising revolutionary changes through blockchain technology, decentralization, and play-to-earn mechanics. However, let’s be honest: the reality of Web3 games has been far less impressive than the hype suggests.


Firstly, let’s talk about the graphics. Most Web3 games today look like they were pulled straight out of the early 2000s. The graphics are often basic, reminiscent of old web-based mini-games rather than the immersive, high-definition worlds that modern gamers expect. It’s 2024, and we still see pixelated, simplistic visuals that fail to engage or inspire.


Secondly, the gameplay experience in many Web3 games is severely lacking. While traditional games have spent decades refining mechanics, storytelling, and player engagement, Web3 games seem to focus almost exclusively on their economic models. The result? Gameplay that feels more like a chore than a joy. Players are often more interested in earning tokens than enjoying the game itself.


The technological constraints of blockchain are a significant part of the problem. Integrating complex, high-fidelity graphics with blockchain tech is no small feat, but it’s no excuse for the rudimentary visuals and clunky interfaces we often see. The technology is still evolving, yes, but that doesn’t justify the underwhelming execution in current games.

Moreover, many Web3 games are produced by small teams or startups with limited budgets, prioritizing blockchain integration over polished gameplay. This leads to a lack of depth and polish that we take for granted in mainstream games. It’s not just about the graphics—it’s about the whole package, from storytelling to user interface design.


The industry also seems to be putting the cart before the horse by focusing heavily on play-to-earn mechanics at the expense of quality. Players are lured in by the prospect of earning real money, but this model often leads to repetitive, grind-heavy gameplay that lacks creativity and innovation.


It’s time for the Web3 gaming industry to step up its game—literally. If this new frontier of gaming is to live up to its potential, developers need to focus on creating high-quality games that are fun to play, not just vehicles for earning cryptocurrency. We need better graphics, more engaging gameplay, and well-rounded experiences that can compete with traditional AAA titles.