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IT Maintenance

"IT Maintenance activities do not aim to transform the world, their objectives are not expressible in a simple way, they do not have the breathtaking charm of activities that produce objects with very high performance, they must be continuously and periodically repeated, and if successful, their effect is not visible."

For over five years, we have been offering assistance services (software maintenance, application maintenance, and systems management) to our clients, and we are proud to have never lost any of them. The motivation behind this small but significant “success” lies in the approach with which we assist our clients. This is because any team in customer service is able to solve a technical problem in the short term, but ensuring excellent customer service helps develop relationships and create a true long-term partnership.

All activities carried out by the Technical Support team will be recorded within the Atlassian Jira ITSM system, a tool that allows operators to access the context related to the intervention, knowing, for example, contact information, technical characteristics of the computer in use, so that clients don’t have to repeat or stay waiting while an agent searches for details.

Furthermore, agents have collaboration tools such as the ability to send and view internal notes without leaving the conversation, or integrations with email and Slack to share best practices among teams, enabling them to provide clients with faster responses. These tools allow us to monitor every aspect of support activity in order to never stop improving, thanks also to continuous tracking of key metrics such as:

  • – Average first response time;
  • – Average resolution time;
  • – Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT);
  • – Ticket backlog.


ICT and computer systems


Hardware-software update

– Checking the status of system updates, both hardware and software, currently in use;

– Updating systems that require improvements or pose a risk to service continuity.

– Replacement of hardware or software that is no longer updatable and has reached end-of-life before they cause a disruption.

Backup and Business Continuity

– Verification of existing backup configuration;

– Verification of backup status and sampling restoration attempts;

– Checking for crucial company data not yet subjected to backup procedures;

– Changes to backup and restoration strategies and Disaster Recovery in accordance with company directives.

Inspection and Maintenance

– Verification of devices connected to the network and removal of unused systems;

– Verification of external accesses and deactivation of unused ones;

– Verification of active users and deactivation of those no longer in use;

– Verification of the suitability of existing systems and evaluation of adequacy for future developments.



– Vulnerability scanning;

– Updating devices with security vulnerabilities;

– Prevention from attacks aimed at data theft.

The Computer Systems Maintenance Division of Vanilla Innovations manage the maintenance of computer systems and provide online or on-site technical IT assistance.

The staff, constantly trained, manages ordinary and system maintenance for small, medium, and large companies.

The main services

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remote/online assistance

In case of issues, malfunctions, or anomalies, one of our technicians utilizes remote access software (AnyDesk) to instantly access the remote device from any location and at any time. This means they can provide remote assistance without the need to be on-site.

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on-site assistance

Where a remote intervention is not conclusive, we provide on-site interventions for specific emergencies and/or critical situations.

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