We're here to bring emotions back to the center of your next metaverse.

So, get comfortable and join us on this imaginary journey.


Imagine being able to virtually explore some of the natural and cultural wonders that the world (and Italy) have to offer, such as the picturesque Lake Como, the enchanting Cinque Terre, the fascinating Tuscan villages, and the historic city of Rome. And then, imagine being able to enter, albeit virtually, a Palladian villa, like the magnificent Villa Barbaro, starting from the portico, ascending floor by floor to the Noble Floor, admiring the Hall of Bacchus, passing through the Court of Love, and then discovering the Hall of Olympus and the Hall of the Dog.


So,  can this experience replace the beauty and emotion of a trip to Maser to admire a unique architectural masterpiece like Villa Barbaro, recognized since 1996 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site?


No, Let’s not kid ourselves


The correct question to ask is:

can a virtual journey like the one just described bring people closer to the works of Andrea Palladio? Can it generate the desire to read a book that tells his story in order to get to know him and his works better?


Probably yes.


Can a virtual visit to an ocean-immersed resort, a vineyard, or a Puglian olive oil mill encourage bookings for a vacation or the purchase of wine or extra virgin olive oil?


In this case too, probably yes.

So, this is Enoverse: a platform designed to provide businesses with virtual spaces optimized for the promotion of territory and the sale of food and wine products, tourist services, and real estate. At the same time, it’s a new way to interact with clients worldwide and a new type of service that can enrich the offering of any type of business by ensuring the opportunity to make their voice heard, strong and robust, anywhere in the world.

So, What sets Enoverse apart from a typical metaverse?

Take a leap to visit Auriga Winery ( and reach the expansive terrace at sunset while the sun sets the mountains ablaze, or take a stroll in the Maison Cassiopea park ( with a background music and the chirping of birds, when suddenly, a thunderstorm hits: the birds take cover, dark clouds obscure the sky. Everything turns blue, then gray, and just as if nothing had ever happened, the sun returns to illuminate everything and everything returns to normal. It’s a unique experience, destined to create a lasting memory in the minds of those who have experienced it.


Break down walls to build a more connected virtual world

The future of digital experiences is not a single app. It’s a network of millions of virtual worlds and digital experiences people visit to play games, socialize and collaborate. Today, most of those experiences are closed and disconnected walled gardens. Ready Player Me is a cross-game avatar platform for  developers , creators and players. We’re on a mission to break down the virtual walls to enable  more open and connected worlds and any digital experience.

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But Enoverse is not just a magnificent metaverse.

Behind and in symbiosis with Enoverse, there is a technological heart of extraordinary value: a tool (SAAS) that interacts with the metaverse and whose functions directly integrate with those who are in the virtual realm. This tool manages all the contents, supports V-Commerce, facilitates the online booking of real and/or virtual events, and, using algorithms, artificial intelligence, and visual elements such as diagrams, graphs, and maps, allows for the analysis and visualization of every information related to the behavior, preferences, purchases, and interactions of visitors in Enoverse spaces.

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not unlike an e-commerce, a v-commerce enables the management, publishing, and selling of products and services in a 3D environment such as a metaverse. In Enoverse, every step of the sale takes place within the metaverse for a complete and satisfying purchasing experience.

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imagine a digital document archive: audio, video, PDFs, etc. And now, imagine a tool that allows you to plan their publication via playlists or individual elements that enter and become accessible directly in your metaverse.

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promote and booking event

events are a fundamental component for promoting a metaverse and its contents. Enoverse provides a tool for creating and promoting events of any kind, as well as a 3D environment tool for booking them.

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data, data & data

With Enoverse, every piece of information about stay duration, visited areas, purchased or booked tourist products and services, origin, etc., is read, interpreted, and then displayed in a clear and immediate dashboard. Knowledge is power.

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