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E-Business Suite

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e-business suite

E-Business Suite

Designed to optimize customer relationship management, E-Business Suite is primarily an information aggregator: it communicates through various channels, including social media, email, WhatsApp, and Telegram, while aggregating information on purchases, sales, customers, third-party relationships, etc.

E-Business Suite is, as we internally define it, a non-CRM, but rather a unique tool to manage and monitor, in real-time and from every perspective, crucial relationships with the external world, thus aiding the smooth functioning of a company.

Based on the cloud and accessible from any internet-connected device, E-Business Suite is specifically designed to support businesses in the agricultural, agritourism, and viticulture sectors. This is a sector still quite “primitive” from an IT perspective, and perhaps for this reason, it can truly be a boon for many companies in the industry.

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E-Business Suite does not impose any limit on the number of user accounts, and this comes without any price variation.

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Companies and Contacts

say goodbye to the old address book and welcome to a new tool that records and organizes, according to logic, all interactions made with companies and contacts.

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Tourism Module

a comprehensive tool for the promotion and management of tourism activities: from vineyard dinners to olive grove aperitifs to trade fair events.

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Product Management

fully customizable to meet the needs of any type of user.

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Direct Email Marketing

E-Business Suite contains a comprehensive section dedicated to marketing and communication, allowing for the creation, management, and tracking of email campaigns.

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Marketing Automation

a very important section that allows for the automation of simple marketing operations (via WhatsApp, SMS, Telegram, and email), such as sending a greeting message, thanking for a visit, or sending an email to event attendees.

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Messenger Marketing

tools like Telegram, WhatsApp, and SMS represent the forefront of direct communication; a new approach to communicate weather alerts, event information, invitations, promotions, etc. All with Enonautilus E-Business Suite.

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Direct Sales

Simplification is the true “job” of E-Business Suite, and simplifying also means managing direct sales made in-house with electronic invoices managed directly by the system.

Integration with Artificial Intelligence

Currently, E-Business Suite includes some artificial intelligence features provided by OpenAI to assist users in writing short messages and emails by offering the ability to correct the message’s syntax rather than completely rewriting it and then translating it into English (French and Spanish and other languages will soon be introduced).

New artificial intelligence features are expected to be available in early 2024, and they will focus on predictive analysis, which involves using data and statistical algorithms to identify the probability of future outcomes based on historical data, applied to marketing. The goal is to move beyond understanding what has happened to arrive at a better assessment of what will happen.


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