We are Vanilla Innovations

We are innovative, Innovators by nature, slightly crazy, and idealistic, but brilliant, capable, and above all, committed to the power of creativity as a tool to solve the challenges that we are presented with daily. We provide cutting-edge technological solutions that fuel the Metaverse with solutions aimed at B2B and B2C sales, promoting territories and tourist infrastructures, and organizing small and large events that explode and implode, transforming the reality that surrounds them.

We are Vanilla Innovations!

Our Values

The force that keeps us together is a deep respect for the planet we live in. Our cars are electric, and almost all of us are vegetarian or vegan. During weekends, many of us participate in the Plastic Free nonprofit’s call and go to parks or beaches to collect plastic waste to prevent them from becoming the food of various animal species. We have a profound respect for this wonderful mechanism we call LIFE, which makes us a part of each other. In this “naturally” hyper-connected world, the question we must ask ourselves as a company is whether our work, creativity, and ingenuity should be an exclusive advantage of our clients and ourselves or whether it is time to look beyond our own garden and relate more maturely to everything around us: an approach that makes us more aware of water consumption, electricity consumption, and the best way to dispose of waste.


It’s not easy, and the road to achieving our goals is still long and full of obstacles, but it’s the only one we can take if we really want to save that immense and beautiful spacecraft that takes us on a journey through the universe, and that we call Earth.

Our Logo

The tree we have chosen as our logo represents our values: like willows, we can bend with the wind and like sequoias, we can withstand the most disastrous impact, like giant baobabs, we can host entire families and like slender pines, we can reach up to touch the sky. The tree completes us as a form and as a concept: it welcomes us, nourishes us, and gives us shelter.



Fabio Sarti
sara missaglia
Fabio Sarti


Augusto Faglia


Sara Missaglia

Enoverse Head of Communication


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Leonardo Marchesi

Head Meta Architect

Aaron Yetsi

Developer/Head of Support

William Baker

Developer/UI-UX Designer

Luca Draghi
Sharad Argri

Luca Draghi


Sharad Argri