Non-Fungible Token

The Non-Fungible Token market is 100% based on the "greater fool theory."

We agree with Bill Gates, but only when referring to the buying and selling of "nothing", but if we're talking about loyalty...

Why still talk about NFTs ?

NFT refers to a way to uniquely, securely, and unambiguously identify a digital product created on the Internet. NFT can be any digital object: a video, photo, GIF, text, article, audio. When a digital object is certified with an NFT, it is as if the author’s signature is on it, and no one will ever be able to claim that that one is not original or that there are other copies unless signed with a new token-id.

Always far from considering NFTs as a tool for financial speculation, we prefer to consider NFTs as marketing, communication tools, tools intended to build customer loyalty, create attention to a product, make an entrance ticket to an event, or a memento of an experience lived virtually or in real life.

A practical example of how we use NFTs is the series created for some of our clients and partners in the wine industry


The process of creating an NFT(for the wine industry)  begins with the possession of the bottle selected by the client. Once the style that the finished product is to have is defined, our artists will provide for the creation of specific graphics; alternatively, it is possible to have the real bottle decorated (one of the most famous Italian pop painters collaborates with us) which will be followed by a 3d scan in order to generate 2d or 3d graphics, animated or not, which, once finished, will become an NFT and will be put up for sale inextricably linked to an unlockable content consisting of a certain number of bottles, rather than a virtual or real tasting, memorabilia, etc.

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