System Maintenance


System maintenance consists of a combination of services offered to ensure that your information system works properly and efficiently, from the most basic service call on a single computer to the most complex repair of a company network, up to the monitoring of relational databases and servers.

In this area, Vanilla Innovations offers the following:

Design, installation, and maintenance of local networks

Vanilla Innovations is able to design and implement:

  • Company networks based on Windows, Linux or a mixed environment. We can take care of the entire installation process for any local networks, from design to equipment selection, to cabling and wiring, to certification and configuration, all ready to go;
  • Monitoring of Active Directory DNS and DHCP servers, print servers and desktop management, GPO setup and integration with access management systems (Firewall/Proxy), troubleshooting, and fine tuning;
  • Network management with remote software distribution and identification of anomalies, such as excessive CPU load or insufficient disc space;
  • analysis, design and development of geographical networks (VPN, intranet, internet);


Vanilla Innovations is able to set up personalized service contracts, both onsite and online, based on the needs of the customer, including all the main services that respond to different company demands: system administration, updates, maintenance, and development of all IT software and hardware components.

Our contracts can be structured as follows:

Onsite Assistance

Our technicians intervene directly at the customer site or at any other location as indicated by the client. The hours used for each service call are either deducted from the service package purchased by the customer or they are billed monthly. For every call and for each technician present, the time is calculated starting from the time of arrival until the time of departure from the service location, rounded up to the next half hour.

Onsite Assistance

If compatible with the customer’s equipment and, in any case, upon customer approval, Vanilla Innovations provides online service assistance, with technicians using internet connection to operate remotely on the customer’s system. Service hours for each call are calculated based on the same rules described in the previous section and are either deducted from the service package purchased by the client or billed monthly.

Telephone Assistance

Vanilla Innovations provides technical support over the phone, which can be accessed directly by the customer in order to resolve computer operation issues, ask information on how to continue operations already in progress, receive general information and/or receive assistance in case of problems. Phone support has no limit on the number of calls allowed to each customer.