for unity3d-based metaverse

Metaverse Integration

First to conceive integration between a true CRM and Unity-based metaverse, we are now capable of managing the creation of wine products within the CRM that can be transformed into 2D or 3D objects and published in the metaverse for sale. Similarly, we can utilize the CRM for creating tourism events and experiences (dinners, theatrical shows, concerts, food and wine tastings) that follow the same path as products but once published in the metaverse become bookable experiences with ticket reservation, payment and refund policies.

The opposite path is taken by usage data from the metaverse, which become graphs and tables capable of showing companies information on visits (by zone), length of stay, interest shown in products and services, purchases, reservations, abandoned carts, etc.

As can be seen from the short video on top, there are already about ten key performance indicators (KPIs) that the metaverse transmits to the CRM in v-commerce; and this is just the beginning.

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