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We are always searching for individuals with an excellent educational and professional background, but what we are really concerned about is that the people working with us find a good balance between work life and everything else, that they are relaxed, create what we ask them, and share their ideas and experience with the company. We obviously offer a pay that is proportional to the level of experience and we can even add additional benefits: we can chat about all of that in person.

What do we offer? Vanilla Innovations is a company strongly oriented towards remote and flexible work; therefore, the most important thing we offer to the people working with us is the ability to work from their living room, a local cafe, a public park, or the beach, in other words wherever and whenever they chose. What’s important is being connected online and completing the assigned tasks: everything else is total freedom.

If the way we operate interests and stimulates you, submit your resume, specifically indicating your educational background as well as your personal experiences and goals: we are always looking for new talents and we hope you might become the next one.

Our search is directed to candidates of both sexes, in compliance with GDPR Law. You can send your resume to: