Vanilla Innovations is an IT company established in the United States by a group of managers coming from different professional and geographical backgrounds, brought together by the common beliefs that the information technology field has barely began to tap into the endless innovation opportunities out there and that anything is possible in today’s world; we are one step away from the future and with equal doses of imagination and determination, we can all get there together.

We have established ourselves as a full-cycle software development company, with significant knowledge and experience in the most popular software development tools and meticulous attention towards the technologies that can help us convert ideas and strategies into software systems and technology processes: this is our way to change the rules of the market.

What sets us apart is our fully Agile project management approach, a methodology that, when compared to older ones such as Gantt, PERT, CPM, and others, offers a less rigidly structured approach, focused solely on the objective of implementing incremental releases through the various development phases of the project, with early and/or frequent deliveries, allowing us, with each new release, to assess the satisfaction level of the end user up to that point.

It is an iterative (and interactive) system that allows us to agilely make modifications to the project, achieve lower production costs, and most of all, avoid all unnecessary effort and risk of project failure.

At Vanilla Innovations we are fully committed to our smart work strategy; we are a dynamic company and we offer our employees the freedom to choose where, how, and when to work. This approach guarantees loyalty, happiness, and most of all results.

We have always been convinced that successful companies are not those that have the best products or the most impressive corporate capital. The qualities that make a company truly successful are competence, attitude, staff involvement, customer care, attention to results, quality standards, and environmental awareness.

As an unconventional company, our clients also have an unconventional meaning to us. They are not just companies to which we provide services in exchange for money; they essentially become partners that contribute to our own growth the same way as we contribute to theirs.



We are methodical, precise, and let’s say it, almost obsessive, so much so that the famous saying “The Devil Is in the Details” has become our mantra. It is not just a matter of project management methodology or engineering approach, it is actually more about the surprised and, at the same time, happy expression on the face of our customers when we deliver a well done product. We are addicted to it.


Different, creative, pragmatic, knowledgeable, athletic or maybe couch potatoes, nerds (or geeks, if you prefer), die-hard gamers, near and far: we are an extraordinary team because we are normal people, friends and colleagues, all tightly connected with each other.


It is not a matter of price or quality. What makes our services unbeatable is our passion, that guides us through the design process and that transforms an application into something exciting, a website into a true representation of the quality and value of the company that hired us to create it. And then of course, there is that touch of madness.


As a remote and dynamic company, we have team members located in different countries and we can therefore count on an incredibly diverse workforce, which brings different points of view, experiences and approaches to the projects. It is an extraordinary cultural melting pot that makes us who we are and sets us apart from the rest.