Application Maintenance


The purpose of our application maintenance service is to ensure continuity of use and the periodic update of company applications through contractual Service-Level Agreements (SLA) that appropriately fit customer needs. This service allows to combine all support requests in one single point of contact, thus optimizing administration costs and resource management while, at the same time, improving the effectiveness of problem-solving service calls. Vanilla innovations can take care of:

  • Corrective maintenance: it is a business service consisting of routine actions taken to optimize day-to-day activities, by providing basic and system security updates;
  • Evolving maintenance: this service provides ongoing system efficiency assessments and employs all necessary measures for system optimization and for information security level adjustments, tailored on the real needs of the customer;
  • Telephone and email/ticket support: it provides a support service for basic problems (“how-to”);
  • System monitoring: Digital control of the client’s systems. Monitoring of database performance and tuning.